Honors thesis in resume

The awards section of your résumé is an opportunity to demonstrate that you have achieved recognition for your academic work academic awards departmental honors for a senior thesis dean's list fellowships and grants achievements in academic competitions. Curriculum vitae sections on the cv • always - education (always first on the cv) - honors and awards - professional experience (employment) - publications and presentations - extracurricular and volunteer degrees/ certifications are what's important – not the time spent • thesis/dissertation titles listed. Thesis and dissertation committees cognitive studies honors thesis committee for stephanie smolarski, f08-s09 latin american studies minor field of preliminary examination for brian butcher, s94 master's committee for ruth urry , f96-s97 linguistics examining committee, oral exam of stephanie thibodeaux. Summa cum laude in university honors, department of political science, and department of foreign languages and literatures honors theses: post- soviet economic order and its effects on kazakh nuclear policy supervised by dr mark peceny, and the eastern philosophical tradition in tolstoy's war and peace. Education: post-graduate work graduate degree, thesis/dissertation title, honors undergraduate degree, major, minor, honors • academic awards/scholarships/ fellowships • professional licenses/certifications • academic/teaching experience: courses taught • research/scholarly activities such as publications ( articles. Check out bates college clinical psychology's resume this is an example of a psychology resume based in cambridge, ma - one of hundreds of thousands of resume samples. The berry summer thesis institute engages a cohort of mid-career honors students (between sophomore and junior year) from different disciplines/majors in a 12-week, on-campus program that provides them with intensive disciplinary research and scholarship opportunities, 3 honors credits for the summer experience,. Find thousands of resume samples and cv examples from real professionals on visualcv check out some of our honors resume examples and download the pdf.

You could list the senior project under your education section to provide an idea of your area of focus, but the paper alone doesn't carry any weight i had a senior capstone project in my undergraduate curriculum, and i have listed the project as sort of my undergraduate thesis, but not referring to any text. Psychology honor's thesis: price and delay effects on preferences in capuchin monkeys nominated for crowder undergraduate research prize in psychology research assistant: collaborated with graduate students to plan, write, and critique studies and papers newsletter contributor: wrote monthly articles for seoul. First, an honors thesis is an awesome resume booster, especially if you are considering graduate school not only do latin honors look great on a transcript, but the thesis process also provides students great experience conducting independent research similar to what one might do for a master's thesis or. Curriculum vitae (cv) sample: undergraduate student highlighting academic research, papers, and presentations “study on arachnid retinal activity,” capstone paper for honors in biology, april 2012 “vaccines and thesis: “a clever alliteration of themes: a focused analysis of specific literary themes in american.

Students pursuing distinction normally apply for a year-long senior honors seminar (history 495s/496s) in march of the junior year by submitting a research proposal and a faculty recommendation to the seminar director(s) at [email protected] students may also prepare a thesis outside this sequence and talk to. Honors college offers undergraduate students an opportunity to experience the gratification of discovery through our research and creative honors program ( rh) in this distinctive program, students complete an undergraduate thesis – an independent research or creative project – under the guidance of a faculty advisor.

Harvard law and policy review american constitution society women's law association 1l section events committee university of texas at austin ba with high honors in american studies and english, may 2008 honors: phi beta kappa rapoport-king honors thesis scholarship kemp-foreman unrestricted. I have a good summer internship lined up (i am a rising senior) and wanted to know if writing a thesis would help with b-school opportunities or just generally making my resume look better and if so, to what extent (as compared to work experience, gpa, gmat, etc) - undergraduate senior thesis- worth.

Depending on which field you end up trying to get a job in, the thesis could look better on a resume than the double major or other things you mentioned i hire in the engineering/science/programming fields, and college grad resumes with an honors thesis get my attention faster than almost anything else. Graduating with research distinction” makes your resume stronger, which may make you more competitive for future grants, scholarships, and jobs how can i learn more about what is involved in completing an undergraduate research thesis the undergraduate research office offers resources, advising, and programs. Consider listing your thesis title and advisor next to your degree under the educational background portion of you cv you can also list a paper based on your thesis in your publications section generally such a paper would have a different ti. Wisneuro board certified neuropsychologist psychologist joined: feb 15, 2009 messages: 7,714 likes received: 5,682 status: psychologist if it's your cv for getting into grad school, definitely if you're applying for internships/postdocs/jobs , drop it #2 wisneuro, may 3, 2014.

Honors thesis in resume

Strategies and resume writing techniques you'll learn by perusing the resume tips in this site as well as in my a curriculum vitae a curriculum vitae is often required for those applying to graduate or professional honors thesis: minimizing driver distraction in recovering from errors within a speech-based interface. An honors thesis synthesizes the undergraduate experience, while preparing students for entry into graduate study and other professions beyond brown how to apply for an honors thesis requires three faculty readers to serve as the honors committee (the advisor and two a curriculum vitae for any-‐non brown thesis. We have set up the honors curriculum so that you can study abroad and still be well-prepared for your thesis this course is designed to help you identify the skills and credentials necessary for particular careers, develop a resume and identify strategies to increase skills and experiences including internships, work.

Be sure to include information about your senior thesis/project and/or sophomore research seminar, as these are noteworthy and indicative of research and writing abilities relevant coursework/projects may be included in the education section or somewhere within the experience section if your gpa is 30 or higher,. Undergraduate student resume examples 1 freshman/sophomore 2 liberal arts resume 3 kinesiology resume 4 technical resume (computer science/ engineering) 5 communications resume 6 federal government job resume (new graduate). Education: degrees, certificates, honors projects, faculty advisor for theses professional experience: teaching, research projects, jobs, volunteering, community engagement other: publications, presentations, awards, grants, technical skills, languages, professional affiliations translating a resume entry into cv.

402--‐555--‐3447 [email protected] education towson university, towson, md may 2013 bachelor of science in psychology minor: women and gender studies summa cum laude (40 gpa), honors college honors thesis: “the impact of therapeutic alliance on treatment outcome in patients with. Who is the typical undergraduate student it is probably you more importantly don't forget your 100 or so friends that will graduate in a couple of years what is going to separate your resume from the rest of the graduating class you all learned the same things you had the same professors, the same curriculum, the same. If your thesis is relatively far along during the fall of your senior year rather than just being started, your professors can write stronger and more detailed letters of reference explaining what you have accomplished you can also schedule a conference presentation in time to include it on your resume, and you might be able to. Engineering and computer science students can satisfy this requirement with their senior design project arts and technology students and emerging media and communication students can satisfy this requirement with the capstone required for their respective major students completing a senior thesis to graduate with.

honors thesis in resume Education sections, like experience sections, are usually placed in the middle of a résumé, somewhere between the objective statement and the honors and special course project, business writing: determined feasibility of upgrading communication technologies in local business thesis: diversity training in the.
Honors thesis in resume
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